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Help me with a peace art project - .....misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms
strange and sweet, sorrow and solitude.
Help me with a peace art project
If you have a digital camera, I need your help!

WHAT: All you need to do is TAKE ONE PHOTO throughout the course of a day showing how YOU SEE PEACE IN YOUR DAILY LIFE.
(You must take the photo, not find it online).

This could be ANYTHING, like the beach, people holding hands, you and your friends hanging out, art, an event going on, ANYTHING as long as it shows how you see peace in your daily life.

And then E-MAIL (tinasamson@gmail.com)
this photo to me by SATURDAY, with a BRIEF ONE-LINE DESCRIPTION of why you took a photo of it. For example, for a picture of the ocean, you
can be like "the ocean makes me feel relaxed with nature, and helps clear my mind, giving me a sense of peace."

THEN, your photo may be FEATURED in an ART EXHIBIT! I will choose some photos, have them printed and mounted on a board, along with the brief descriptions underneath the photos. This will be displayed at CAJE in IV (a local coffee place) next week, along with a blank posterboard that people can write their opinions on, and how they see peace in their daily life.

WHY: I am in a Communication Peace class, where we have to create our own definition of peace, create a peace theory, and then conduct an original peace project and write about it. For part of my definition, I see peace as being mindful and aware of our own living as well as the living of others - which means to slow down, be conscious of simple every day occurrences, like breathing. People are always rushing and stressed
out, it's good to really enjoy every day simple manifestations of peace. It will be cool to showcase an exhibit with different people's photographic interpretations.


Please try to e-mail me your photo and brief description by SATURDAY MAY 30TH, which is very soon so bring your camera out and take a photo!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! E-mail submissions to TINASAMSON@GMAIL.COM and please tell your friends to take photos as well!
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souls_illusion From: souls_illusion Date: May 29th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC) (Link)
You got it dude.
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